Speakers 2019

Dr Chris Sinkinson is a lecturer in Old Testament and Apologetics at Moorlands Bible College, with a particular interest in Biblical Archaeology. He regularly leads student tours to Israel. Chris previously pastored a church in the New Forest, and writes a monthly column for 'Evangelicals Now'.

Author of several books, including 'Backchat:Answering Christianity's Critics'; 'Time Travel to the Old Testament' and 'Confident Christianity'.

Alistair McKitterick is a lecturer in Biblical and Theological Studies, also at Moorlands Bible College, having previously lectured in theology at Christ for the Nations UK.

He has a particular interest in the science and faith debate and has spoken at the Keswick Convention.

Speaking on the theme of 'Encountering God', we greatly look forward to hearing from Alistair on Monday and Thursday evening, and Chris on Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

A Member of the Keswick Fellowship