Following the cancellation of the 2020 Bible Week meetings due to the corona virus pandemic, 
the decision was taken to provide ministry this year as an online-only experience. 
 We are very excited to announce that there will be 3 nights of pre-recorded ministry from  Martin Salter, of Grace Community Church, Bedford.

Martin has been a popular speaker at the Keswick Convention in previous years and we look forward to the messages he will bring us from God's Word. 
 Where Can We Find Hope? – Martin Salter    
Venue: Online only
Dates: Monday 10th – Wednesday 12th May 2021
Meetings premier at 19.45hrs each evening.

(Each recording lasts approx. 45 minutes)

Access FREE!

Martin will be speaking on the life of Hezekiah in 2 Kings 18-20

 Access to each of the pre-recorded messages with a couple of worship songs can be viewed by clicking the relevant day on the menu above or the 'Watch' box beside the synopsis of the daily messages below. 
The recordings will be made available from 19.45hrs each night, 
(and can then be watched anytime afterwards).    

Monday 10th May

2 Kings 18 PRESENCE -
            'the God who is with us' 
Talk 1: Hope in God’s Presence                     Reading - 2 Kings 18:1-16 

1.     The Faith of Hezekiah (v. 1-8) 2.    The Failure of Hezekiah 
                                     (v. 13-16) 
3.    The Faithfulness of God (v. 7)  

Tuesday 11th May

2 Kings 19 POWER -
                 'the God who is sovereign'    

Talk 2: Hope in God’s Power                  
                 Reading – 2 Kings 19:1-19                                                                      Points:                                              1.     The Terror of Sennacherib – part 1 
                                       (v. 18:35-19:4)    2.    The Promise of God (v. 5-7)              3.    The Terror of Sennacherib – part 2                                             (v. 10-13)      4.    The Power of Prayer (v. 14-19)            5.    The Terror of Yahweh (v. 20-37)   

Wednesday 12thMay

2 Kings 20 GRACE -
                     'the God who heals'   

Talk 3: Hope in God’s Deliverance    
                Reading – 2 Kings 20:1-21 
                                                  Points:                                              1.     The weakness and strength of  
                           Hezekiah (v. 1-3)      2.    The gracious provision of God 
                                         (v. 4-11)    3.    The strength and weakness of  
                           Hezekiah (v. 12-13) 4.    The just judgement of God 
                                         (v. 14-21)