Martin Salter

Speaker Profile 2021

We are delighted to welcome Martin Salter to
 Maidstone Bible Week 2021.

Martin Salter is lead pastor at Grace Community Church, Bedford and a trustee of the Keswick Convention, at which he is a speaker.
He became a Christian at university through the witness of those he was living with. After university he took a year out to work for a local church, and after training for ministry at Oak Hill College in London moved to Bedford.

Author of 3 books, 'The Power of Pentecost' in 2012: 'Whats it all about' in 2014 and followed in 2019 by 'Mission in Action' : A Biblical Description Of Missional Ethics' - the basis for this book is his PhD from Highland Theological College.
 Martin is married to Sarah, and they have three children 
between the ages of 14 and 9. 
He enjoys cooking and running in his spare time. 
Martin has been a popular speaker at the Keswick Convention, and we look     forward to hearing what he has to share with us from God’s word in May.